• SQL ... and now GQL

    By Alastair Green (Lead, Query Languages Standards and Research Group at Neo4j)  |  12 September 2019

    The international committees that develop the SQL standard have voted to initiate GQL (Graph Query Language) as a new database query language.
  • Critical milestone for ISO graph query standard GQL

    By Alastair Green (Lead, Query Languages Standards and Research Group at Neo4j)  |  19 June 2019

    The GQL standard project is up for the final vote in the ISO/IEC ballot: plans to create a standard property graph query language GQL took a critical step forward, this past Friday June 14th.
  • Apache Spark developers vote for Cypher in Spark 3.0

    By Alastair Green (Lead, Query Languages Standards and Research Group at Neo4j)  |  14 February 2019

    As part of the preparations for a forthcoming Spark 3.0 release, the Apache Spark development community has just completed a positive vote for a Spark Project Improvement Proposal to add Property Graphs based on DataFrames to Spark. Based on the achievements of the ongoing Cypher for Apache Spark project, Spark 3.0 users will be able to use the well-established Cypher language for graph query processing, as well as having access to graph algorithms stemming from the GraphFrames project.
  • Cypher(TM) for Apache Spark(TM) with support for multiple graph processing

    By Stefan Plantikow  |  25 October 2017

    The first public alpha release of the source code for Cypher(TM) for Apache Spark(TM) (CAPS) is now available. We discuss key features, such as support for working with multiple graphs and data source integration.
  • Research references and presentations on graph querying

    By Petra Selmer  |  20 October 2017

    We provide an overview of our new References page: a collection of research papers and presentations on the concepts underpinning the current and future versions of Cypher.
  • An update on the SQL Standard

    By Alastair Green  |  20 October 2017

    This presentation discusses the history of the SQL Standard, and describes upcoming work, including property graph querying.
  • The Summer of Syntax: Aggregation and grouping

    By Petra Selmer  |  27 July 2017

    We describe issues with the current aggregation and grouping semantics in Cypher, and discuss approaches to address these.
  • The Summer of Syntax: MANDATORY MATCH

    By Petra Selmer  |  17 July 2017

    In this article, we describe the new MANDATORY MATCH clause.