What is openCypher?

openCypher is an open source implementation of Cypher® - the most widely adopted, fully-specified, and open query language for property graph databases. Cypher was developed by Neo4j®.

Cypher provides an intuitive way to work with property graphs today and is the best on-ramp to the graph query language (GQL) standard being developed by ISO.

What is the openCypher Implementers Group?

The openCypher Implementers Group consists of openCypher implementers/vendors who collectively seek to

  • Ensure consistency between implementations of openCypher
  • Maintain and bugfix the openCypher query language
  • Transition planning from openCypher implementations to the developing graph query language standard, GQL
  • Members of the openCypher Implementers Group include Spark, RedisGraph, AnzoGraph, and Neo4j, amongst others.

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    More about openCypher

  • openCypher is an open-source project that makes it easy to use the Cypher language in order to incorporate graph processing capabilities within that product or application.
  • Originally contributed by Neo4j, openCypher is now used by over 10 products and tens of thousands of developers.
  • Easy-to-learn and human-readable, Cypher is suitable for developers, data scientists and operations professionals alike.
  • Cypher lets users simply express what data to retrieve (declarative) while the underlying engine completes the task without requiring they understand implementation details.
  • Cypher is a key inspiration for the ISO project creating a standard graph query language.

  • Get in touch or follow our activity through the following communication channels:

    Most of our activity happens on the GitHub repository, where you may for example submit or comment on CIRs (Cypher Improvement Requests).