Third openCypher Implementers Group Meeting (oCIG 3) - 27 July 2017

This was the third virtual meeting for members of the openCypher Implementers Group, with the aim of discussing, agreeing upon or rejecting Cypher language changes proposed via Cypher Improvement Requests (CIRs) and Improvement Proposals (CIPs).

The agenda focused on adding support for control over pattern matching ‘morphism’, and graph addressing.

Additionally, there are interesting discussions in ISO and the LDBC Query Language Task Force around graph querying, which are relevant for the openCypher community. An important aspect of these discussions is the relationship between SQL and a native property graph query language like Cypher. These topics were also discussed at the meeting.


  • Welcome and oCIG updates (Petra Selmer, Neo4j)
  • How openCypher relates to graph query language discussions in ISO and LDBC (Alastair Green, Neo4j)
  • ISO/INCITS initiatives on property graph querying in SQL (Jan Michels (Oracle), Group Chair: Ad Hoc on SQL Extensions Property Graphs)
  • Controllable morphism: walks, trails, and paths (Stefan Plantikow, Neo4j)
  • SQL and Cypher (and PGQL) (Alastair Green, Neo4j)
  • Graph addressing in support of multiple graphs (Peter Furniss, Neo4j)


The third oCIG meeting was held at 15.00 - 16:30 UTC on Thursday, 27 July 2017.


The recording of the meeting can also be downloaded via this link.