Fifth openCypher Implementers Group Meeting (oCIG 5) - 28 September 2017

This was the fifth virtual meeting for members of the openCypher Implementers Group, with the aim of discussing, agreeing upon or rejecting Cypher language changes proposed via Cypher Improvement Requests (CIRs) and Improvement Proposals (CIPs).

The agenda focused on Cypher.PL, an executable specification of Cypher, along with a proposal of how to define and manage versioning in Cypher. In addition, a way forward was discussed regarding the establishment of common conventions for the structure of the namespace of a (vendor-specific) function or procedure.


  • Welcome and oCIG updates (Petra Selmer, Neo4j)
  • Cypher.PL: an executable specification of Cypher written in Prolog (Jan Posiadała and Paweł Susicki, Cypher.PL)
  • Cypher versioning (Mats Rydberg, Neo4j)


The fifth oCIG meeting was held at 15.00 - 16:30 UTC on Thursday, 28 September 2017.


The recording of the meeting can be downloaded via this link