openCypher Meetup - 25 October 2017

At this meetup, we’re going to be giving high-level talks motivating the major new features that are going to be part of the Cypher language in the very near future.

Using examples, we will show why these features are useful, and how they can be used to solve complex problems. We will end the evening with an illuminating talk on the interplay between research and industry within the area of graph processing.

This meetup is organised by the openCypher project.


  • Welcome and an introduction to openCypher. (Petra Selmer, Neo4j)
  • Introduction to Property Graphs and Cypher. (Tobias Lindaaker, Neo4j)
  • Using subqueries for increased query expressivity, reuse and maintainability. (Petra Selmer, Neo4j)
  • Working on, processing, creating and and outputting multiple graphs. (Stefan Plantikow, Neo4j)
  • Supporting very complex patterns in Cypher. (Tobias Lindaaker, Neo4j)
  • Property graphs with time (Julia Stoyanovich, Drexel University, USA,
    • In this talk we discuss how graph representations and query primitives can be extended to accommodate evolution of graph structure and properties over time. Our main insights are (1) that advances in the mature field of temporal databases can be leveraged for graphs and (2) that scalability can be achieved in a carefully engineered Spark-based solution. This talk is based on our work on the Portal system, which will be released in the open source this Fall.
    • Slides
  • Academic research on graph processing: connecting recent findings to industrial technologies (Gábor Szárnyas, Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
    • Graph theory is part of every computer science curriculum. However, there is surprisingly little interaction between academic and industrial graph research communities. To reveal topics for potential collaboration, key research directions in academia will be highlighted, and their possible applications will be shown.
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The openCypher Meetup will be held at WeWork Park South at 110 East 28th Street, NY, USA, from 5.30pm - 8pm on Wednesday the 25th of October 2017. The entrance to the building is on 28th Street.

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